Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rastafari and fashion

Cartoon depicting the influence of rastafarians on tourists. Photo taken from:

This video from youtube highlights the influence of rastafarianism and Bob Marley on fashion.

The role of Rastafari movement in everyday fashion

It is often said that clothes are a very important part of the overall look of an individual. The specific style and design of clothes are usually dependent on the person's personal taste.
Over the years, clothing depicting the rastafarian colours of red, green and yellow, have become popular, with many designers producing clothes that 'play on' people's love for rastafarian colours. As a result of people's increasing fascination with the colours, they have become fashion statements themselves.
Whether it be belts, shirts, shoes or hats, rasta colours are incorporated in many designs and are worn almost everywhere.

The international brand New Balance has also capitalised on the popularity of Rasta colours.
Photo taken from:

In not only Jamaica but internationally, many persons can be observed wearing Rastafarian colours.

The local designing company Cooyah is known for its use of rasta colours in designs. This hat is one such example. Photo taken from:

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